Church of San Lazzaro

Church of San Lazzaro

Via Emilia Est 625 - Modena - MO - 41122

Phone: +39(0)59/360399 (Don Arrigo Malavolti)


Open only on Saturday at 7.00 pm for the Mass. It's now closed for restoration.

The building is all that remains of the ancient leper hospital built in the late XII century. As was the case for many ancient leper hospitals in Emilia, it was built to the east of the city: in fact, these leper hospitals were also used to quarantine foreigners coming from the east who, before entering the city, had to gain the true faith. During periods of pestilence, such buildings were considered the best places to house those suffering from the plague, because west winds were considered the cause of the epidemics. Placing the hospital to the east ensured that the wind did not blow over the city after having passed over the lazaretto.

The interior is home to a fresco cycle, executed in 1523 by Adamo and Agostino Setti, as part of major renovations to the church complex. Fourteen episodes from the life of San Lazarus and Mary Magdalene line the walls, with a Holy Family and Saint John the Baptist with Saint Geminianus on either side of the portals.


How to get there
On the outskirts of the town, in the direction of Bologna.
For the physically disabled: accessible