Madonna del Voto parish church

Madonna del Voto parish church

Via Emilia Centro - Modena - MO - 41100


Closed for repairs, after the earthquacke of 2012.


The church was built to fulfil a vow made by the community during the terrible plague of 1630. The community decided to erect the church, in contrast with the Dukes wishes, near the historic center of civil and religious power. The works began in 1634 under the direction of Cristoforo Malagola, called "il Galaverna", who took the San Salvatore Church in Bologna as his model. The cupola instead is reminiscent of the Reggiana basilica of the Madonna della Ghiara, a site of Virgin cult worship. Among the paintings displayed, worthy of note are the Pala della Peste by Ludovico Lana narrating the events that led to the construction of the Church. The canvas reproduces the Madonna della Ghiara in Reggio to whom the prayers were expressly addressed, and the subsequent vow of safety. Beside the Madonna, the painting depicts Saints Rocco and Sebastian, figures traditionally linked to suffering and disease, and St. Omobono because on his Saint Day no plague victims died.

ChiesaVoto2.jpgFor disabled people: main entrance has five 17 cm steps; the entrance from Piazza Matteotti has a single, very steep step.

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