Art and culture

Terziarie di San Domenico church

Via Belle Arti, 32 - Modena - MO - 41121

Phone: 059/222601


visits are not allowed.

The facade of the church is very simple, adorned by four false pillars, while the door is surmounted by a semicircular window. The interior has a single nave, painted by the modenese painter Stringa in the eighteenth century, while the chiaroscuro effects were added successively and portray scenes from the life of St. Domenico.
There is a painting of the Malatesta depicting the Madonna and Child enthroned, with St. Luigi and St. Alfonso Liguori. Valuable is the choir behind the high altar of the seventeenth century.

The church is closed and it's not possible to visit it.

Historic downtown area with limited traffic.
From Largo St. Agostino walk all the way to the junction with Via Farini, turn left and walk all via Farini until you reach Piazza Roma. To the left of the Ducal Palace,past the church of San Domenico, then take via Belle Arti until you see the church on the right.