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Horseback riding facilities

Modena - MO - 41100


  • Associazione Sportiva Equestre Dilettantistica Equiriders (FISE): strada Contrada 346 - tel. 059/411076. Opening hours: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm - 8.00 pm. Open all year. For members only.
    2 sand outdoor rings, 2 grass outdoor rings, 1 indoor ring 60m x 26m. Services: riding school (English style), pony courses (for children over 4), jumping, pentathlon school, hyppotherapy and course for disabled. Stall rental. Summer camps for children under 13. Horse excursions (minimum 5 persons).
  • Circolo Ippico Reggiani Gianni (FISE): via Jacopo da Porto nord, 67 - tel.059/848531. Open all year. Saturdays and Sundays open all day; week time open for courses from 6.30 pm.
    1 indoor and 1 outdoor ring. Riding courses (Western style) for children and private lessons for adults. Stall rental.
  • Centro Ippico La Primavera (FISE): via Tre Case 33/A, San Donnino - tel.347/4935568. Open all year and all day.
    1 outdoor ring and 1 indoor ring. English style courses for children (PONY CLUB from 4 to 16 year-old children) and for adults. Stall rental.
  • Centro Ippico San Damaso (FISE): via Bacelliera10, San Damaso - tel.059/468542. Open all year; courses form 2.00 pm.
    1 grass and 1 sand outdoor rings, 1 indoor ring. English style courses and private lessons for children with ponies and for adults. Stall rental.
  • Centro Ippico Del Mugnano (FISE): via Bellaria 346 - tel. 333/6014820; fax 059/440889. Open all year. Courses take place in the afternoon (from 2.00 pm) during school time; in Summer time also in the morning.
    1 outdoor grass ring. English style courses for 4 to 16 year-old's children with ponies