Tourist services

List of tour guides available to practice the profession

Modena - MO - 41100

Associations on the territory of Modena:

- Arianna Cultural Association - Tour guides and escorts of Modena: cell.329/6198421, fax 059/536157 -

- Gaiam - Association of authorized escorts, tour guides and interpreters for Modena: ph and fax 059/302563, cell. 349/1931875

- GAN Guides Association authorized of Nonantola: ph.059/905591, cell.333/8312306 - fax 059/905591

For tour bookings, contact:
- The individual associations
- Individual names
- Modenatur ph.059/220022

Any guide can decide for themselves which rates apply for their services.

Tourist Escorts List (available to practice the profession LR4/2000 article 6)

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