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Wi Fi connections in Modena

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I-MODENA is the Wi-Fi network created by the City of Modena with the support of Banca Popolare dell' Emilia Romagna and Telecom Italy SpA.

The network allows you to surf the Internet with smartphones and tablets from many squares, streets and areas of the city.

The presence of public hot-spots is indicated on a graphical map with the ability to download software that locates the nearest hot spot automatically connecting.

Each wi-fi area is marked with a specific nameplate of I-MODENA. It 'also operates a telephone help users in Italian and in English 24 hours a day.

Through-MODENA wireless access to the internet is free, easy and with no time limit.

The authentication credentials can be obtained via free sms.

Alternatively, you can register by contacting the offices of accreditation or credentials federated, that is issued in other cities participating in the project Federation of Emilia-Romagna, which allows citizens in possession of credentials to the system of one of the participating cities, to navigate in other cities participating in the project.

Who does not have a sim identifiable, as might be the case of foreign nationals can register by entering your credit card details or pay pal account.

List of Wi-fi areas

Piazza Grande
Chiostro della Biblioteca Delfini
Biblioteca Crocetta - Palazzina Pucci
Biblioteca Rotonda
Biblioteca Villaggio Giardino
Giardini Pubblici - Giardino Ducale Estense
Bar dei Giardini Pubblici - Giardino Ducale estense
La Tenda
Largo Porta Bologna
MEF - Museo Enzo Ferrari
Palazzo dei Musei
Parco delle Mura (Angolo Teatro Storchi)
Parco della Resistenza (area giochi)
Parco XXII Aprile (area giochi)
Piazza Dante - Stazione Treni
Piazza Matteotti
Piazza Mazzini
Piazza della Pomposa
Novi Ark
Stadio Braglia
Stazione Piccola (banchina)
Via Emilia Centro
Agenzie cittadine della Bper

You can download the Wi-fi guide, following this link:

Last update: 23/03/2016