About the project

CrossCulTour stands for “Cross-Marketing Strategies for Culture and Tourism“.
The European Cultural Route TRANSROMANICA, initiated during a former project in 2003, connects our common Romanesque heritage and has prepared the ground for CrossCulTour:
The approach is to take the results and partnership of TRANSROMANICA on to the next level.
Based on the Romanesque heritage, CrossCulTour embraces further stylistic periods and cultural elements of the regions, establishes collaboration with marketing partners linked to cultural heritage and promotes cross-sector cooperation.


  • Preservation and promotion of cultural sites and landscapes by means of an appropriate cross-marketing approach to cultural tourism
  • Making cultural destinations more competitive by establishing cooperation with small and medium sized enterprises, opening access to markets and connecting disadvantaged regions with cultural centres by using innovative communication technologies 
  • Increase in employment and incomes 
  • Creation of a stronger regional and European identity for 7.6 million citizens from partner regions based on common cultural-historic roots

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