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  • Welcome in CrossCulTourTransromanica a fascinating Journey through the Middle Ages and the Dawning of Europe. Come and travel with us along the Routes of Transromanica! You´ll visit highlights of the European Romanesque style and encounter a fascinating epoch: The Middle Ages!


    It was around the year 1,000 in the medieval West that a common artistic language began to spread throughout Europe for the first time: the Romanesque style.


    Romanesque cathedrals were the focus of urban life. They were like books carved in stone, which, through their frescoes, sculptures and engravings appealed to paupers and scholars alike.

    While the Ancient world sparkles and shines, the medieval period is commonly set aside as a dark chapter of our history. It seems to be forgotten that our way of thinking, the political construction of modern Europe, the ideas of universities and science basically date to these times.

Ultreia: Onwards!

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    Without the Middle Ages we wouldn´t have become what we are today, according to renowned historian Johannes Fried. This changed point of view should be what guides us when visiting Transromanica.


    We might look at this first Europe, emerging during the Middle Ages, as the birth of our contemporary European Community: United in Diversity. The Romanesque era is an enchanted world full of allegory and regulation, power and imagination, deformation and order and it stands for the Middle Ages. Romanesque style means Transromanica!


    As authentic descendants of those medieval travellers and pilgrims, for your Transromanica trip we offer you the ancient, still valid motto for the ‘Peregrine’, the pilgrims: Ultreia: Onwards!

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