Castelvetro di Modena - The lands of Lambrusco Grasparossa

At Castelvetro, vines are cultivated across much of the territory and over half of all the farms in the area produce wine. Most of the wine produced is Lambrusco and, specifically, the DOC variety, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro di Modena. Other types of grape and wine products include: Trebbiano, fundamental for the production of cooked must to make Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Pignoletto, Malvasia, Albana, Fortana and Chardonnay.

One of the territory’s typical, top-quality products, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro di Modena, can boast a rich, complex history coming from an age-old tradition. The climate, the earth, the spontaneous varieties of grass, the water, the exposition of the fields, the local winds, the slope of certain vineyards and the precipitations are all factors which bring a particular valence to the cultivation, to produce unique products.

Grasparossa di Castelvetro is a wine of outstanding quality. With its intense ruby red colour flecked with violet and an evanescent foam, it has a bouquet that is vinous, intense, fruity, fragrant and complex which recalls the aroma of the grape. Amongst all the types of DOC Lambrusco, the dry variety is amongst the best. It goes perfectly with meat-based first courses, baked pasta, roasts, cold meats, cheese and, in general, all the traditional first courses of Emilian cooking. The sweet variety has an intense bouquet, that is decidedly fruity and fragrant. Superb as an aperitif, it goes perfectly with dry bakery products and typical desserts from Modena.

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