Vignola - The spiral staircase

The spiral staircase is to be found inside Palazzo Boncompagni, an elegant Renaissance building constructed in the mid-sixteenth century to a project by the great local architect, Jacopo Barozzi, known as Il Vignola. It represents a stunning architectural and scenographic masterpiece. It is sufficient to draw attention to the construction technique used to realize what a remarkable jewel it represents: totally suspended in the air, it is supported only by a column and the perimeter wall which the self-supporting steps are embedded into, while the small column visible at the beginning of the climb is merely decorative.

The plan features an elliptical shape which is very nearly a circle and evolves into a harmonious spiral consisting of 5 cycles which connect the various floors. To avoid weighing down the centre of the structure, the inclination of the stairway changes as it gradually rises, using the outside perimeter for support more and more and thus maintaining an extreme elegance and a great sense of airiness. The first floor was formerly the piano nobile, featuring gorgeous frescoed rooms, currently occupied by the prestigious international school of music and singing directed by the famous soprano, Mirella Freni.

ComuneVignola - 41058 (MO)

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