Ex Albergo diurno

Ex Albergo diurno

Piazza Mazzini, central and busy, a meeting place and place for social and cultural events, was chosen for the construction of the daytime hotel because it was considered the most suitable for hospitality. The daytime hotel was built completely underground, occupying the entire surface under the sidewalk, so as not to disturb the balance of the square and the greenery present. The hotel is accessed via a staircase in the southeast corner of the garden. 30 years after its closure, the former day hotel reopens with new functions, in respect of its historical value.

The visit includes a tour of the renovated structure, where modern features, such as tempered glass, contrasting white and anthracite colors, suggestive spotlight lighting and a home automation system for managing the systems, blend with restored 1930s elements, such as the covering with colored ceramic tiles of the time, the bathtubs and some bathroom fixtures. The itinerary will be accompanied by the explanations of a tourist guide who will illustrate what was the old function of the place, the recovery implemented and the new intended use. Furthermore, the projection of the new immersive video "The city in history" is planned, financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region as part of a project for tourism promotion, specially created for the projection on three walls of the latest generation multimedia system of the multipurpose room: a three-minute dive into the Modena of the past, today and tomorrow, a sensory experience that highlights the excellence of the area punctuated by the melody of the violins. Finally, there will be an excursus on the typical features of the city, starting from the Unesco Site, as well as a moment dedicated to any questions and requests for information.


Access to the Ex Albergo Diurno is possible with free admission and without reservation on the following opening days:

from Tuesday to Friday: 9.30-13 /15.00-19.00

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: opening 9.30 - 19.00.

Closed on January 1st in the morning, Easter and Christmas.

A free guided tour service is available for those who wish to book it using the book button on this page.

It is accessible to people with motor disabilities.