The Montale Open-Air Archaeological Park and Museum

The Montale Open-Air Archaeological Park and Museum, a few kilometers from the center of Modena, highlights what took place some 3,500 years ago in the vast river valley. Through reconstructions based on archaeological excavation and study, a staff of archaeologists reveals the life of the village that existed there more than three millennia ago.

In the striking open-air museum, alongside reconstructions of ancient dwellings, you’ll witness the daily activities of Bronze Age communities: the production and firing of vases, the manufacture of weapons and tools in bronze, flintknapping, weaving with looms, basketmaking, woodworking, the carving of deer antlers, and lighting the village’s fires.

Your visit is guided by Aran, the old Terramara wise man who periodically recounts the heroic exploits of warriors and the everyday lives of the men and women of his time.

The schedule of activities and workshops at the Terramara di Montale Open-Air Archaeological Park and Museum is rich and varied. For more specific information, don’t hesitate to contact us.