Wow Modena

Wow Modena

The fair with multiple passions!

More passions in one weekend... with the same ticket!

Inside the fair you will find:

  • Green passions: vegetable garden, garden and countryside
  • Pet expo & show: exotic and companion animals
  • Mantra: festival of wellness and the holistic world

Info and tickets

  • € 7.00 Conad Reduction - in the weeks leading up to the event, Carta Insieme holders who go to the cashiers of Conad supermarkets in Modena and province, Bologna and province, and Ferrara and province will get a receipt that they must present at the cashiers to pay € 7 instead of € 12. The Conad reduction is also valid only by presenting the Carta Insieme at the ticket offices (1 Card is worth 2 admissions).
  • € 8.00 Whatsapp reduction
  • € 9.00 Reduced ticket downloadable online and paper, newsletter/dem, tabs on newspapers, over 65, Children 6 to 12 years old, self-sufficient disabled, military and law enforcement.
  • € 12.00 Full ticket at the box office.
  • Free: 100% non-self-sufficient disabled persons and their companion and Children under 6 years old

Dogs are allowed according to city regulations i.e. muzzled with a 1 1/2 m leash in tow or if small held in arms.