Sunday: The House of Este

Sunday: The House of Este

Sunday: The House of Este

After breakfast, your Sunday morning becomes a voyage of discovery as you explore the history of the Este Duchy through a guided tour of the Ducal Palace, home of the dukes for more than two centuries and today the seat of the impressive Military Academy.

Don’t forget that online reservations for Palace tours are required no later than the Wednesday before your visit. Find out how to reserve tickets at the bottom of this page.

After you’ve explored the Ducal Palace, why not spend a few moments in the nearby Ducal Gardens? Relax on a shaded bench or take a walk along the paths to admire the beautiful flowers, plants, and trees. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time for lunch in another of the city's restaurants.

After lunch, head to the Palazzo dei Musei where you can spend the rest of the afternoon admiring the masterpieces of the Estense Gallery. (Check out our suggested excursion to the Palazzo dei Musei.)

In addition to the Estense Gallery, the Palazzo dei Musei houses a number of cultural institutions that may interest you. The visit does take some time, so it’s a good idea to plan where you’d like to go before you get there. You’ll find that the hours pass quickly among the Gallery’s collections of illuminated books and manuscripts, paintings, and sculpture.

A visit to the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo and a relaxing pause at the Salvarola Hot Springs are one way to bring your Modena weekend to a perfect close!

If you have only two full weekend days available rather than three, consult our “Forty-Eight Hours in Modena” excursion.

For any questions, or if you need additional advice to plan your visit to Modena, call or write us. We’ll be glad to help.