Covid 19 - Useful informations

Covid 19 - Useful informations

The rules for entering and moving inside Italy may be different depending on the country you're coming from. We suggest to consult this official website to get all the usefull information.

You will be asked to indicate:

  • Country of origin
  • Country(ies) you have travelled through in the last 14 days
  • Possession of EU citizenship or citizenship of a country in xthe Schengen Area
  • Possession of registered residence in Italy as a long-term resident or kinship with a long-term resident residing in Italy

At the end of this process, you will be informed if there are any restrictions in place for travel to Italy from your country, the documentation you will have to present and the conditions applied on your arrival.

Another official website where you can get clear and updated information is

Please note that travellers entering Italy are currently needed to complete a Passenger Locator Form via the EUdPLF application (


In Italy, the COVID-19 green certificate facilitates attendance at certain public events (such as trade fairs, concerts, sports competitions, parties following religious or civil ceremonies) and access to health care facilities for the elderly (RSA). It is also mandatory when moving into and out of areas that may be classified as "red" or "orange" zones in the absence of valid reasons for work, health or proven urgency.

From 6 August, on the Italian national territory, you will need a Covid-19 digital certificate (Green Pass), or equivalent certificate recognized by the Italian authorities, to enter:

  • the indoor areas of restaurants;
  • theatres, cinemas, events and sports competitions;
  • museums and other cultural venues;
  • swimming pools, gyms, spas and wellness centres, theme and amusement parks, recreational and leisure centres, gaming halls and casinos;
  • trade fairs, conferences and meetings.

From 1 September, you will need a Green Pass, or an equivalent certificate, to board:

  • airplanes;
  • interregional ships and ferries (except for the Straits of Messina ferry services);
  • Intercity and High Speed trains;
  • long-distance buses;
  • charter buses.

Access to these services and activities is allowed on presenting the EU Digital COVID Certificate or an equivalent certificate issued by the health authorities of Canada, Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you are travelling in Italy and your are not vaccinated or your vaccine is not accepted in Italy and you need to obtain the EU covid certificate (Green Pass) to access museums, restaurants, transportation where the certificate is required, after having tested negative to an antigenic or PCR test within 48 hours you can go on this website: (in Italian)

Here, you need to select "Utente senza tessera sanitaria o vaccinato all'estero". You'll be asked to write which kind of personal document you provided when you got the test and its number " Tipologia documento fornito all'atto del tampone o della certificazione di guarigione o fornito al momento della registrazione della vaccinazione effettuata all'estero: "(for example passport). Then under the field" Tipo codice:" select the NFRE code (a number that you'll find to the document stating that you are negative to covid). You'll be then able to download your EU certificate valid for 48 hours from the time the negative test was done.


Wearing a face mask is always mandatory in indoor public places throughout Italy.
Masks are no longer mandatory outdoors, but you must always carry one with you and wear it if you find yourself in crowded conditions that do not allow the 1 metre safety distance to be maintained.

The following persons are not required to wear masks:
•    children under the age of 6
•    people with disabilities and their carers if the mask makes communication between them impossible.
Always keep a safe distance of one metre from other people and wash your hands frequently or, if this not possible, sanitize them with alcohol-based sanitizing gels. You will find sanitizing gel dispensers at the entrances to shops, restaurants and other businesses.


Bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlours and pastry shops are open. They must display a sign indicating the maximum number of people allowed inside simultaneously.
Consumption at table is always allowed. There is no limit to the number of people who may sit at the same outdoor table. Up to a maximum of 6 non-cohabiting people may sit together indoors; there are no limits to the number of people for 2 families who decide to dine together at the same table.
Everyone over 12 years of age must show the COVID-19 digital green certificate for consumption at table indoors.

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