Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti Land

the perfect opportunity to discover art, food and cars in Modena region!

The Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti Land passport is a simple, yet fascinating system to discover the Ferrari world, the Casa Museo L. Pavarotti, the town of Modena and the many outstanding products of the land of engines and taste. By purchasing the Discover F&P Land passport, you can access the Museo Ferrari in Maranello and the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena, the Casa Museo L. Pavarotti and the guided tour at the MuSa - Museo della Salumeria (Museum of Delicatessen). You can also enjoy guided tours with tasting of Acetaia Giusti, the producer of Dop and Igp Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Cantina Cleto Chiarli and Gavioli Antica Cantina e Museo del Vino, producers of Lambrusco wine.

All destinations are linked by a dedicated transportation service, which runs the entire day; it includes connections from the Modena railway station and the Bologna bus station.

The passport costs € 48 all inclusive for adults, including access to museums and corporate facilities visited.
For all children up to 18 years accompanied, passport costs only 24 euros, a unique opportunity to make known to young people the beauty and excellence of the territory.
Discover Ferrari Pavarotti & Land has also thought about the children, with a free passport until the age of 5, and students with the promotional passport to 32 Euro.



Info: ph. +39(0)59.7132208