Welcome to all those who wish to visit our amazing Cathedral!

It is open to worshippers for prayer and contemplation, as well as to those who do not profess our faith but would like to admire a famous monument, a Romanesque masterpiece built as “domus clari Geminiani” (house of the illustrious Geminianus) and a place of religious worship for the community.

To safeguard these characteristics, certain conditions must be observed inside the cathedral (making it different from a museum or an art gallery), such as silence, composure and respect.

The rules for visiting the Cathedral must be seen from this viewpoint, and not as a violation of an erroneous concept of freedom in conflict with the intrinsic holiness of the place you wish to visit.

We hope that the rules below can help visitors make the most of a place that is first and foremost very dear to the people of Modena, listed as a UNESCO “World Heritage Site”, which is all the more reason to treat it with care and respect.

Rules for visiting the Duomo and request authorisation