The Este Itinerary in Modena

2020 starts with the opening of a tourist route, The Este Itinerary in Modena, in memory of the Este Court, the illustrious house  which brought the city of Modena to be the capital of the Este Dukedom  from 1598 till 1859.

The Este Itinerary in Modena will connect three sitesthe Ducal Palace of Modena, the Este Gallery of Modena and the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo.

Until October, the 1st 2020 individual visitors and groups will enjoy the opportunity to visit these three sites with a discount.

The Ducal Palace of Modena, commissioned by Francesco I and designed by Bartolomeo Avanzini in 1634, housed the Este Court for more than two centuries.


The Estense Gallery of Modena: The gallery includes paintings, drawings, objects, bronzes and medals which belonged to the Ducal family.


The Ducal palace of Sassuolo is a prestigious place used for summer holidays and as an official court venue, also known as “Delizia” (delight), stands as a veritable gem of northern Italian Baroque.


Visitors who will buy the full-fare ticket for one of the three sites related to the Este Itinerary in  Modena will get a discount of € 2,00 on the full-fare ticket of each of the other 2 sites. 

The discount coupon cannot be combined with any other discount/offer and it will be valid until  October,  the 1st 2020.

The discount is not valid for school groups or groups with more than 15 participants.

For groups with more than 15 participants, there are special offers which include guided tour and combined tickets for the three sites with different time schedule according to the needs of the group. For any further information please write to:

For any further information about opening times, prices and guided tours, please check the links below: 

Opening times and tickets Galleria Estense:  

Opening times and tickets of Ducal Palace of Sassuolo:  

Opening times and tickets of Ducal Palace of Modena: