Visits to museums of taste and private collections

Visits to museums of taste and private collections

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Museum in Spilamberto

In Spilamberto you can visit the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Museum and learn about all the stages involved in the making of this old product.

Museum of Scales and Balances

In Campogalliano, where scales were being manufactured as long ago as 1860, there is a museum dedicated to this instrument that has always been present in our lives.


Charcuterie Museum – Musa 

A unique exhibition over three floors, entirely dedicated to one of the Arts that, since the era of the Renaissance and the Guilds that united artisans, knowhow and manual skills, has left an indelible mark on the gastronomic culture in Italy, making it unique and today more than ever a true benchmark of excellence on an international level.


Caffè Cagliari Collection Museum

The coffee machine museum at the Cagliari coffee roasting company in Modena is one of the biggest and most complete exhibitions in the world of espresso coffee machines for bars. This collection of over 100 pieces with great historical and style value shows how the extraction system for Italian espresso coffee evolved during the twentieth century and also how art and style trends influenced the shape, material and decoration of these machines.


Old Rose Garden Museum 

The Old Rose Garden Museum is in Montagnana di Serramazzoni (420 m asl, 25 km from Modena) and covers 43 hectares, three of which are dedicated exclusively to over 800 varieties of roses.


Chestnut and Borlengo Museum 


Private family-owned museums

Visits can be booked to a number of family-owned museums linked to the production of wine, rural life and/or balsamic vinegar:

Gavioli Wine Museum

La Noce Vinegar producer’s Museum

The ancient Giusti vinegar museum

Umberto Panini historic car and motorcycle museum at the Caseificio Hombre cheese factory