Land of motors

Land of motors

The spirit of enterprise, a passion for mechanics and the myth of speed are the ingredients of the motoring vocation thanks to which Modena has been dubbed the “Land of motors”. The industrial and cultural motor heritage of the area of Modena can boast names such as Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani Automobili, B.G. Engineering, De Tomaso and Bugatti.

Modena’s automobile itinerary offers a journey through galleries and collections open to all kinds of visitors, from enthusiasts, connoisseurs and even those who would simply like to dive into a world of custom-built and famous cars, races and championships, speed and thrills.

Of major interest is the new Enzo Ferrari Museum a wonderful example of contemporary architecture, designed by Future Systems in London – it conveys the motoring vocation of the local area and the history of the great Modena-born engineer through evocative displays and themed exhibitions.

Inside the futuristic pavilion of over 2,500 square metres, alongside the many cars on display, is a show that narrates the magical history of Enzo Ferrari’s 90-year-long life through video footage, from when as a young child he wanted to become a racing driver up to when as a man he made “Ferrari” the world’s best loved and most famous racing team.

Next to this building and inside the perfectly restored workshop where Enzo’s father once worked, is the Ferrari Motor Museum. Some of the rooms in the house where Enzo was born in 1898 are also open to visitors.

In Maranello, just 16 kilometres from Modena and next to the historical Ferrari production plant is the Maranello Ferrari Museum, visited each year by over 200,000 fans from all corners of the globe.

The museum is home to the cars, images and trophies that have written the history of the “Prancing Horse” racing team all over the world.

It is divided into four themed sections. Some of the new exhibition features include the impressive Sala delle Vittorie (victory room) which celebrates the racing team’s more recent successes with an overview of the Formula One World Champion winners from 1999 to 2008, together with the over 110 trophies and the original helmets of the 9 World Champion drivers in the team’s history.