Land of opera singers

Land of opera singers

Since the time of Este rule, Modena has had an extraordinary relationship with music, one which has grown through its schools, music institutes, its theatres and events, its love for singing and opera.

Thanks to this vocation, Modena has produced and nurtured high calibre names such as Raina Kabaivanska, Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti, known as "The Maestro".

Modena’s opera tradition is kept alive today with the rich programme offered by its Municipal Theatre Luciano Pavarotti; with the school for young opera singers and pianists working for the opera theatre and also with the Master classes in singing technique and interpretation held by Raina Kabaivanska at the Vecchi-Tonelli Musical Institute.

Luciano Pavarotti brought world fame and recognition to Modena, his birthplace on 12 October 1935 and the stage of the fundamental phases of his professional and personal pathway. The city is the living legacy of his presence, in its places and memories, from the houses where he lived as a child and young adult to the places where his talent developed and that witnessed his initial success. The Municipal Theatre, which now bears his name, and the vast spaces of Novi Sad Park, home for many years to the event he created himself, "Pavarotti & friends", which saw crowds of fans flock to hear him sing together with the biggest names in the modern music world. Then there is his restaurant, in Montale, which stands as a testament to his genuine passion for good food and the flavours of what is a unique culinary tradition worldwide.

At the gates of Modena you can visit the Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti, the residence in which the Maestro lived the final years of his life. The villa is located near the area in which Pavarotti expressed his great passion for horses, by building stables and opening a riding school. On his estate, starting in 1991 and continuing for 11 years, Pavarotti hosted a prestigious show-jumping competition (CSIO), featuring the most famous show-jumpers on the international equestrian scene.

A tour of his home allows us to discover Pavarotti in the most intimate light of his rooms, bring his memory alive by admiring his personal belongings, familiarise with his daily habits, to learn how the real man was at home once he had shed the mask of the great artist.

Visitors can admire his most famous theatre costumes, the photos and videos that marked his artistic career, the countless awards and honours, the relics of a career that spanned over forty years in the opera theatres of the whole world.

The tour begins with the visitor welcomed by the staff of the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation and continues through the rooms of the house with the help of an audio guide. Inside the Pavarotti house-museum, special and exclusive events are also organised which, besides the guided tour, include a recital by young opera singers live accompanied by a pianist and a dinner at the adjoining Ristorante Europa 92.

In line with his own request, the Maestro returned to his hometown following his death on 6 September 2007.

In the cemetery of Montale, just a few kilometres from Modena, visitors, friends or fans can remember him and pay tribute to what was a great figure.