Tourism for families and schools

Tourism for families and schools

Modena offers loads of attractions for children, young people and their families: a weekend in town, a relaxing break in the Apennines or a study trip.

The beautiful toddler-friendly squares in Modena's ancient city centre provide lots of places for running and jumping, while the Ducal Gardens entice you to stroll and discover the plant world with the countless learning activities that the Botanical Gardens provide both for schools and for a wide-ranging public of fans and the simply curious.

For a yummy break between visiting and playing what better than a stop in one of the many scrumptious ice-cream parlours?

The Museum with its many cultural institutes offers learning workshops, visits and guided play.

Also in the town centre are the Museum of Stickers, which sprang from the collecting passion of Giuseppe Panini in 1961, and the Enzo Ferrari Museum which will satisfy people's timeless curiosity and enthusiasm for stickers and cars.

For those who love the peace of nature without going too far from the built-up area, Modena offers countless parks, including Ferrari Park, a real green breathing space at the gates of the city centre.

Not far from the town, in the Archaeological Parks and Montale Terramara open-air museum in the Montale Rangone locality (Castelnuovo Rangone), children and adults can soak themselves in the atmosphere of a typical village from 3500 years ago with its reconstructed huts containing the utensils that Bronze Age people used in their everyday life and work. In the theatrical setting of the Montale Terramara Open-Air Museum young visitors and their families learn the techniques of the Terramare artisans and can also try out the research methods used by the archaeo-botanists, archaeologists and anthropologists.

The unusual Museum of Scales and Balances in Campogalliano not only displays scales from all over the world but also makes it possible to study the evolution of weighing instruments and discover their secrets and curiosities. Countless educational workshops are organised during the year for schools of all levels and types. When the season permits, the trip can be extended with a visit to the Secchia River Detention Pond and Nature Reserve.

The Children's Castle can be found a few kilometres from Campogalliano in a wing of Palazzo dei Pio in the town centre of Carpi, a space dedicated to young people aged 0 to 16, composed of "The Magic falcon" library, the Toy library and the "Theatre of light", places dedicated to reading, playing, discovery and learning.

Many other castles in the area such as those of Formigine and Spezzano in Fiorano Modenese offer playing and learning activities. Activities for schools are also provided at Sassuolo, both in Montegibbio Castle and in the Palazzo Ducale.

Then, venturing towards the hills and mountains are lots of natural areas and parks where families can enjoy days in the open air. Here organised structures such as the Amusement Parks offer play and adventure possibilities, in both summer and winter.

Then there are plenty of other occasions for playing and games during the year: "Play, The Game Festival", "COS-MO", the comics fair for Cosplayers, and then "Cuochi per un giorno" (Cooks for a Day), a festival where children can cook lots of different recipes from starters to desserts in the company of top chefs.

Always eagerly awaited in the town is Mercanteingioco, a buying and selling event dedicated to children where they can find out for themselves what it means to buy and sell toys "forgotten in the attic".

Vignola is transformed for a weekend into Bambinopoli: the town's streets are entirely dedicated to children who take part in creative workshops, become pastry chefs for a day, dance, stroll on donkey-back, listen to fairy tales, make themselves up, and blow bubbles ...