Montegibbio castle and Giuseppe Medici historic park

Montegibbio castle and Giuseppe Medici historic park

Via Montegibbio - Sassuolo - MO - 41049

Phone: 0536/1844853


The castle is closed to the public - The park can be visited all year round. The hours are not fixed pls. Contact the custodian who lives on site.

The first information we have of this medieval town dates back to 980 when the fief belonged to the Bishop of Parma. The complex was reconstructed by the Della Rosa family and then, in 1501, by the Boschetti family. In 1851 the Borsari family renovated and expanded the castle; a plaque at the base of the tower commemorates this event. Despite the various ruins and reconstruction, the castle still comprises several interesting buildings, such as the high square tower, the noble Palace, St. Peter's Church and the service buildings. The church, originally the castle chapel, was enlarged several times and the last work dates back to 1860. On the main altar there is a painting of St. Peter by a XVII century Emilian painter.
To get into the Park go through the watch tower next to the parking lot.