Panzano castle

Panzano castle

Panzano - Castelfranco Emilia - MO - 41034


Private property

The first certain news of this place dates back to 939. The Castle and the town were part of the Modena province until the mid 1300's, when they passed into the hands of Bologna province, which held it until modern times.
The Panzano villa-castle is a complex of 4 adjacent courtyards. The Manor yard is located to the south and has two towers, a portico and a staircase facing east over the Zena canal. The manor living quarters is located to the north and spreads out with a system of loggia and interconnecting rooms. The Zena canal played a primary role in shaping the core of this villa-castle, first and foremost acting as a line of communication. The other particular feature of the Panzanese settlement is the peasant living quarters, as Malvasia took this into consideration when building the Castle. Thereafter the small centre continued living in a form of interdependent symbiosis with the villa.

How to get there
By car: from Modena take the beltway toward Bologna taking the state road, then follow S.S. 9 via Emilia to Castelfranco. At the first traffic light in Castelfranco turn left and follow the indications for Nonantola. Then turn at the indication for PANZANO.