Chapels, oratories, tabernacles

Madonnina Oratorio

Piazza Costituente - Mirandola - MO - 41037

Phone: 0535/21018

Fax: 0535/27330


Open on Saturdays from 10.00am to Midday. For visits call the parish.

Free admittance

The façade of this building is neoclassical in style.
Go up a few steps to enter the building and you will find yourself in a large, square space in the ionic style, surmounted by a column-drum and octagonal cupola.
The first small altar on the left was built in 1763 for a simple reason: during that year restorations, uncovered masonry bearing a fresco depicting the figure of a nobleman kneeling before the Madonna was found. This image was obviously once located on the Porta wall. It is assumed that it was detached when the city wall of Mirandola was modified, and then inserted in the new temple of the Blessed Virgin of Porta.
Moving on we find the St. Rosalia altar, with an 1862 stucco altar-piece polished to imitate marble, the work of Antonio Bernascone.
The main altar is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Porta. It is this image that the sanctuary is renown for, transferred from the city wall to the altar-piece. Inserted in a frame, it appears to date from the XVI century. The main altar also holds XVII works by Giovanni Mazza and Giovanni Pozzuoli.
The Oratorio also holds a fourth altar dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Misericordia representing the Virgin seated with the Christ child on her knees.

Last update: 17/07/2020