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Oratorio of the Blessed Virgin Mother of God

Via Marconi - San Cesario sul Panaro - MO - 41018

Phone: 059/930109 Parrocchia San Cesario


Open by appointment

Free admittance

The name of the oratorio derives from the fact that it was built on what was once the defensive moat around the fiefdom of San Cesario. The current XIX century sacred structure has a simple architectural style, without any ornamental friezes. It has one façade with a single door, a trabeation terminating in a steel cross, a stone engraved in Latin and the date 1859.
The inside of the sacred building is illuminated by 6 small windows.
Of interest are the 6 funerary stones in white marble with Latin epigraphs and decorative elements and the Boschetti coat-of-arms.