Madonna Del Voto Church

Madonna Del Voto Church

Via Emilia Centro - Modena - MO - 41100


The church opens just during events or special celebrations. For any information, contact dr. Davide Benintende, email:


The church was erected to fulfil a vow made by the people of Modena to the Madonna della Ghiara to end the terrible plague of 1630. Work began in 1634 and concluded around 1640 under the direction of the architect Cristoforo Malagola, known as il Galaverna, who took the Bolognese church of San Salvatore as his model. The dome recalls that of the Basilica of the Madonna della Ghiara in Reggio Emilia, in which the miraculous image of the Virgin is venerated. The paintings on display here include the Pala della Peste by Ludovico Lana, which narrates the events that led to the construction of the church. The canvas depicts the Madonna della Ghiara di Reggio, with Saints Geminianus and Omobono, the two protectors of Modena, on her right. On her left are Saints Roch and Sebastian, figures associated with suffering and illness. Of major interest are the two paintings by Francesco Stringa, depicting the Assumption of the Virgin and the Death of Saint Joseph.

(Source: "I luoghi sacri dell'arte – itinerari nelle chiese modenesi di proprietà comunale" - Comune di Modena- Artestampa, 1994)


For the physically disabled: Main entrance, 5 steps of 17cm in height.

Entrance on P.zza Matteotti, one single very high step.



 Old city centre.