Modern architecture

Bus Station

Viale Molza, 20 - Modena - MO

The building is close to the old city centre, to the north in the former Cittadella area which during those years saw important urban redevelopment, such as a new use for the Foro Boario after transferral of the cattle market, construction of the INA Casa district in Viale Storchi and, later, of the “J. Barozzi” technical high school.
Another new building was the bus station, an infrastructure requested by Councillor Mario Pucci for reorganisation of both the city transport and that covering the main towns in the province.
This station comprises a service building, a perfect rectangular block, the entrance side of which features a shelter roof that juts outwards and slightly upwards. The two main sides of the building share the same identical, very rational features. The vertical columns of the eight arches and the flat roofs of the two upper floors form a grid that corresponds to the visible structures, which divides the façade and the span of the windows, on the ground and higher floors. Inside the double-height building there is a waiting room, ticket office and facilities such as a barber’s shop and a hotel. The station is then completed with eight bus shelters in reinforced concrete, covering the platforms where the buses arrive and depart, similar to those of the cattle market from the same period, tapering outwards at an angle of nearly forty-five degrees.