Modern architecture

INA-Casa Viale Storchi

viale Storchi - Modena - MO

Plans for a new residential district to be built on the site of the former Cittadella represent one of the first INA-Casa initiatives in Modena following approval of the “Fanfani Plan” in 1949. Work was supervised by the Modena IACP, to plans by architects Mario Pucci and Vinicio Vecchi, and was part of the guidelines for the rebuilding plan from a few years previously. Compared to other INA-Casa projects built in the city, characterised by free layout of the buildings in large open areas with plenty of greenery, this one had a more urban look, clearly following the lines of Viale Storchi, the original focal point of which was the GRF “XXVI Settembre” Fascist headquarters. A double row of buildings is laid out in a series of plots between the Viale itself and Via Fabriani.
The side on Viale Storchi features a series of small two-storey buildings with simple interiors, destined to be used as shops with accommodation, lending this avenue the retail feel that it still has today, emphasised by the idea of a portico from an initial project that was never built, in the form of a slightly sloping roof jutting out from the shop fronts to provide shelter on the pavement.

The part behind each plot was filled with a residential-only building, five storeys high, at right angles to the first. According to the same logic, this block of buildings was repeated in series throughout the entire district. The façades are featured by an accentuated horizontal division, marked by the solid plastered walls and the gaps created by the loggias and balconies, which gives them an appearance fairly common to INA buildings from that period.