Modern architecture

Istituto Tecnico "Fermo Corni"

largo Aldo Moro - Modena - MO

The “Fermo Corni” high school was set up in 1921 under the name of “Royal School for Workers in the Arts and Crafts”. After it became the “Royal Technical Industrial School” in 1933, in 1942 it took on its definitive role as an Industrial Technical High School. During the new stage of economic development happening not only in Modena, following the end of the war, the importance of this school for the training of specialist workers for the relevant mechanical and electro-technical sectors justified building of new premises between Via Emilia Ovest, Viale Tassoni and Viale Jacopo Barozzi, on the site of the original building which had been badly damaged during the bombing. The plans were drawn up by the Modena City Council Technical Office for the Modena Provincial Authorities and construction work was carried out by the Consortium of cooperatives in the province of Modena.

Planning and building of the various elements continued from 1960 to 1970. It included construction of two blocks along Via Emilia and Viale Tassoni, with classrooms overlooking the street on three floors above ground plus a basement. This was followed by building of a carpentry lab and workshops, close to the existing Fabbri foundries.

The two units were linked via a third, set further back and overlooking Largo Aldo Moro. This careful attention to the school’s insertion into its surroundings was one of the project’s greatest points of interest. Setting one of the buildings further back than the other two in fact created a square that acted as an intermediary between the school and the city chaos of the road itself, a matter that had remained unsolved following demolition of Porta Sant’Agostino.