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MEF - Museo Enzo Ferrari

via Paolo Ferrari, 85 - Modena - MO

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Year: 2012
Design: Jan Kaplicky (Future Systems), Andrea Morgante (Shiro studio), Politecnica

The invited competition organized by the Fondazione Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari - Museum kicks off in 2004 to the creation of the office of the Museo Enzo Ferrari , another piece of that great process of transformation of the south wing located along the railroad , once occupied from steel mills and foundries .
The notice requires the creation of new spaces to be allocated to the exposure of automotive history Modena and services such as a documentation center , a film screening room , a conference -room with a capacity of 150 seats , a store and a café-restaurant , by be built in a lot adjacent to the workshop still exists in which Enzo Ferrari was born , in turn, to renovate and use as a museum. The jury awarded the design of the study English by Jan Kaplicky Future Systems , which envisions a building consisting of a continuous surface coated metal , whose main facade angled ideally embracing the existing building workshops Ferrari , visible from the inside with a large glass area , while differing significantly to the architectural language chosen .
The building conveys an idea of architecture in fact due to the design of the metal profiles of bodies . This reference surely intends to seek a match with the intended use and the past of the place ; At the same time , however, the intentions of the designers you want to indulge a personal poetics based on the elegance of the lines, the gloss of the surfaces and the use of color , through which ennoble the space, to the rank of an art gallery and not a mere " container "of cars.