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Museum monument to those deported for political and racial reasons - Civic museums

Piazza dei Martiri - c/o Palazzo dei Pio - Carpi - MO - 41012

Phone: 059/688272 - Fondazione Fossoli. For information and to book visits call the Museum of the Deported from Mondays to Friday 9.00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. -

Fax: 059/688483



In view of the extraordinary situation caused by the virus emergency, the new timetables and the arrangements for visits should be consulted on the website.

Euro 3,00 for single admission - Euro 2,00 reduced ticket groups of at least 10 people and students. Admission is free for the disabled, for people under 18 and over 65.

The Museum to the Deported is managed by Fondazione Fossoli.

The Museum to the Deported has been conceived and set up as a memorial.
It contains artefacts, documents and testimony of the Nazi deportations during the Second World War.
The visit covers thirteen rooms with plastered walls into which phrases from the 'Letters of members of the European Resistance condemned to death' have been cut. Some of the walls are covered with graffiti drawings on deportation by such renown painters as Longoni, Picasso, Guttuso, Cagli and Léger. The itinerary concludes in the Sala dei Nomi (Hall of Names) where the walls bear the names of more than 14,000 Italians who were deported to the death camps.
The outside courtyard holds sixteen steles on which the names of some of the Nazi concentration camps have been etched.
Here one can find documents regarding the Fossoli concentration camp (located just a few kilometres from Carpi) which until 1944 served as a gathering point and prison for most of the Jews deported from central and northern Italy before they were sent on to the death camps.

Documents avaible

  • Free brochures in Italian and English providing information on the Camp and the Museum
  • a publication bearing the graffiti phrases on the Museum wall
  • 'Raccontare l'Olocausto' (Recounting the Holocaust') a leaflet containing a bibliography on the topics of deportation and extermination (reading material for children between the ages of 10 and 14)
  • various publications edited by the City of Carpi.

There is also a well-stocked lending library where texts can be borrowed without any formalities.
Photobooks of Museum cards and a video library will be available, including explanatory cards on the topics of deportation and extermination. This service will, for the most part, be focused on the schools. The Museum will also have a computerised station to guide the visitors throughout their tour of the Museum's assets.

Didactic activities

  • guided tours of the Museum and the Camp for school groups
  • production of didactic materials
  • creation of didactic pamphlets for students
  • guided foreign language tours
  • creation, upon request, of specific itineraries