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Museum Palace: Estense library

piazza S.Agostino, 337 - c/o Biblioteca Estense Universitaria - Modena - MO - 41121

Phone: +39(0)59/4395711



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The Estense University Library has one exhibition hall, Sala Campori, which in the past hosted the permanent exhibition of illuminated codes. In recent years, in order to satisfy the many interests of the visitors to the library as well as the decision to enhance a large part of the bibliographic wealth of the library, which would otherwise remain unknown, thematic exhibitions have been held in the Sala Campori.
Some codes are however still on display and are of particular interest from the historical-bibliographical point of view: as well as the Bible of Borso d'Este still exhibited in the hall and the two most valuable geographical maps preserved in the institute - The Catalana Map and the Cantino Map - the largest part of the exhibitions presented in the Estense University Library also includes the Missal of Borso, the Breviary of Hercules I, the Missal of Anna Sforza, the De Sphaera.