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Perseo sculpture - Townhall Loggia

via Scudari, 20 (back entrance of Townhall - Modena - MO - 41121

On 19 October 2006 the restoration of the statue of Perseus, restored by the Civic Museums of Modena, was presented.
Specifically, the base has been redone in brick, some of the damages caused by the bombing of 1944 were repaired and the blade of the "Diamond Sword", that Perseus holds in his right hand, has been relocated, while his left hand lifts the beheaded head of Medusa.

The work in marble, by the sculptor Cesare Aureli in neoclassical style, stands in the courtyard of the Town Hall since 1952, the year in which the Mayor Alfeo Corassori, wanting to embellish the loggia of Townhall, got by Marquis Egidio Campori permission to take from the his palace the statue of Perseus, miraculously rescued from the bombings of June 1944.
Last update: 27/07/2020