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Villa Pace

Via Marconi, 106 - Fiorano Modenese - MO - 41042

Phone: +39(0)536/833111 - 833239


Visits are not allowed

Villa Pace was most likely built during the 1800's over a pre-existing building. It is a pleasing example of a Manor house. It follows the lines of the other villas in the area, having the same arrangement of the rooms inside, but with a more sumptuous composition.
The villa was renovated and the internal spaces modified in 1905 and reflects the architectural eclecticism of the times. It is surrounded by large park.
The protruding central portion of the main façade shows a loggia with three arches that can be accessed by a broad staircase. The covered roof-terrace, with scenic balconies, is located to the side, axial to the main façade. The ceilings in some of the rooms on the main floor are decorated with tempera subjects and motifs. Purchased by the town administration, the restoration works were completed in 1984.

Guided tours
Tourists are not allowed to visit the Villa because the building houses the city library, the offices of the Board of Education, Cultural Services and Social Services.

How to get there
By car: from Modena take the beltway toward Formigine, then take the Giardini provincial road S.P. 3 to Maranello and follow the directions for Fiorano.
By train: from the Modena train station, take the inter-city bus for Fiorano.