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Secchia river high-water bed park

Via Albone - Campogalliano - MO

Phone: 0522/627902 Consorzio di gestione

Fax: 0522/261483


 Created to regulate river flooding, the high-water bed quickly became a nature site of great interest. It covers approximately 200 hectares and is characterized by permanent pools of water of varying sizes which are interspersed with small islands and peninsulas which are periodical submerged. Here, a rich spontaneous vegetation quickly developed. Numerous animals are present and, in particular, various species of birds stop and nest here. The Secchia river flows by this high-water bed, its banks covered with a dense vegetation. The Reserve Area was founded to protect this environment at the heart of this park, but also to upgrade and reorganize the entire surrounding territory, including agricultural areas, sand and gravel pits, water sports and recreation areas, large communications infrastructures, buildings of historic-architectural interest and the areas containing wells for drinking water.

Activities in the park
Scientific observation, school visits and didactic activities, bird watching, water sports and water-related recreational activities.
There are three main itineraries:

  • from Campogalliano
  • from Rubiera
  • from Marzaglia

How to get there
In train: get off at the Modena station and then take the bus to Campogalliano.
By car: take the Modena Nord exit off the A1 highway and go toward Campogalliano; or take the Campogalliano exit and then the Brenner-Verona-Modena highway.
From Campogalliano, take Via Albone to the Curiel lake area and then, continue until you are in the vicinity of the banks of the high-water bed. Cars and motor vehicles must be parked here.
By bicycle: instead of taking Via Albone take Via Madonna as traffic (cars and trucks) on this road is limited to residents only. Once on the banks you can admire the view of the entire high-water bed. Continuing on your way, you will pass the oil press to reach the primary hydraulic construction or impounding weir and, a few hundred meters on, the spillway. This side of the high-water bed provides some interesting points for bird watching which will soon be adequately equipped.
In a strip of land outside the banks of the high-water bed, from the Campogalliano side, you can see the recent reforestation reflecting the characteristics of the woodland plains. The area has several restaurants and horseback riding facilities.

Consorzio per la Gestione del Parco (Park Management Consortium) c/o Rubiera City Hall, Via Fontana, 4 - Tel. 0522/627902 - Fax. 0522/261483

There is also an Environmental Education Center L'Airone that also acts as visitor's center.
Location:Via Fontana 2 (c/o Corte Ospitale) Rubiera - Tel. 0522/627902 - Fax. 0522/261483