Villa Sorra

Villa Sorra

Gaggio in Piano - Castelfranco Emilia - MO - 41010

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The Villa Sorra Park covers approximately 30 hectares from Gaggio di Piano in the town of Castelfranco Emilia. It is made up of the villa, a historic garden with ornamental plants imported from all over the world, a poplar wood outside the park that gradually turns into a woodland plains, meadows and cultivated fields. Villa Sorra, set in the center of the complex, was built in the XVIII century. Today it houses, among other things, the Museum of Rural Culture. The current appearance of the garden is the result of various works and modifications on the original 1700's architecture performed at various times and, in particular, by the romantic restructuring implemented in the 1800's. The woods are mainly composed of English oak, hornbeam, maple, elm, poplar and ash trees while the underbrush includes cornelian cherry, crabgrass, elderberry, wayfaring tree and hawthorn. Various amphibians, wetland turtles, checkered water snakes, kingfisher, moor hens live in the pools and canals surrounding the historic garden. Finally, the woods provide refuge for squirrels, hedgehogs, woodpeckers, finches and titmice.


The park surrounding the villa is a historical park, its ornamental plants come from all over the world. The the present appearance of the garden is the consequence of sevaral modifications to the original plan of the 18th century. The actual garden was designed during the 19th century and it is characterized by the romantic style. The park is also an interesting biotope: a natural habitat has been created in the pond and in the several canals flowing around the garden.


Museum of rural work
The collection is entrusted to the Civic Archeological Museum and it is not possible to visit it.


How to get there
Take Via Emilia Est in the direction of Bologna, turn left after the S. Ambrogio bridge into Via Mavora, pass Gaggio and then turn right into Via Pieve.

Last update: 15/06/2020