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The route that the tourist can go in search of the flavors of the cuisine of Modena will take him throughout the territory, because the dairies and places of production of salami and sausages are a real "tipicality" also in terms of "landscape".

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the products that most characterize our territory for quality, fame, prestige, making it unique and inimitable.

It has a roundish shape, from 20 to 24 cm high, diameter about 40 cm and it weighs around 38 Kg.
The cheese is straw-coloured, cuts in scales, with a strong taste and possesses excellent nutritional qualities.
It takes sixteen litres of milk to produce a kilo of cheese.
The processing involves following ancient rules in which the cheese-maker plays a fundamental role.

Prosciutto di Modena (Modena Ham)
The local production of sausages embraces the whole branch of classic delicatessen: coppa, pancetta, salami, mortadella, coppa di testa. It excels of course Modena Ham (DOC).
For the production of a good Prosciutto di Modena DOC, pigs must be of white race, slaughtered in excellent health.

The overall duration of the processing, which may depend on the weight of the hams, lasts usually a year.
All the steps, including slaughter, are recognized through additional identification marks and special certifications.
The ancient culture of the processing of the pig and the objective economic difficulties of life in the countryside, have prompted the first local butchers to invent even culinary uses of the less noble parts of the pig.
This gave rise to the famous COTECHINO (cooked salami) and ZAMPONE (pig's trotter), important dishes on every Modenese table.

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All the Modena area is rich in dairies and ham producers that offer interesting opportunities to the tourists to visit and know the methodologies and production's steps.

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To experience local cooking with its products, in an environment of celebration and tradition, you can plan a route from festival to festival.
All the food festivals, that take place in our province, offer the chance to taste local products, including Parmigiano Reggiano and ham. An exclusive and original event dedicated to sausage products is the "Festa del Superzampone" (Super-trotter festival) held each year at Castelnuovo Rangone, on the second Sunday in December.
Another traditional festival, the "Sagra del maiale" (Pig feast) is held in December at Savignano sul Panaro.

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