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Carpi, a pearl of the Renaissance: that appeared to the German travellers of the late XIX the ancient seigniory of Pio and even today bears witness to the recently restored Pio Palace - home of the most museums of the city.

Nowadays Carpi is a lively city, thanks to its industries and handcraft, trade and its commercial and cultural exchange, its artistic and scientific life. It's a city that never stops and offers a packed calendar of events throughout the year.

The town keeps a remarkable artistic heritage with testimonies of the Middle Ages. Piazzale Re Astolfo, the old town centre is still the heart of the medieval city, onto which face "the Sagra", included in the European circuit of Romanesque buildings, the Palazzo dei Pio, and the Loria factory, where straw hats were once made and which is now the civic library.

Very interesting are the big Piazza dei Martiri onto which faces the Palazzo dei Pio, the Cathedral, the Theatre, the Council Building, the Portico del Grano and the 52 arches of the Portico Lungo.

The city is wedged between different provinces and regions and from each has inherited knowledge and flavours: traditional balsamic vinegar and all the by-products of grape must, rice, squash, "zampone" and "cotechino", prosciutto ham, fine pickle, parmesan cheese, lambrusco wine, pears, fresh filled pasta.


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Last update: 09/04/2020