Art and history in Castelnuovo

Art and history in Castelnuovo

Castelnuovo Rangone - MO


Of naturalistic interest are the Fontanili di Montale ecological restoration area, the natural spring waters and the Rio dei Gamberi Park containing the "Collina delle fiabe" (Hill of fables) bearing the outlines of characters taken from fables and designed by Emanuele Luzzati. Here one can admire majestic countryside with centuries-old trees (oak and willow).

Historic centre of Castelnuovo
Here it is possible to admire the imposing Tower with the clock, symbol of the town and last remnant of the medieval castle. Not far from the Tower is the parish church that preserves decorations in the apse and in the cupola.
The bell tower dates from the XIX century. A 1500's fresco depicting Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace) is what remains of an ancient castle chapel.
The City Hall was restored in the 1920's. Recent restoration has brought to light an ancient well in the town square. - Montale Church
Built on the archeological mound called "motta" (terramara) from which the town of Montale takes its name, the church was dedicated to St. Michael. Most likely it was the chapel of the ancient district road house and was rebuilt in the late XVIII century.

- Santa Maria del Tiepido Church
This church has ancient origins. It was built on an ancient Roman site and mention of it can be found dating to the XII century.
It was recently restored and venerates the Virgin under the name of the Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snow). - Bergomi Oratory
This oratory dates from the early 1700's and presents a sacristy and a gracious structure that serves as a bell tower. - San Lorenzo della Nizzola Oratory
This ancient church already mentioned in the XI century preserves a medieval apse and was restored just a few years ago.

- Villa Latour Structure dating from the late XVIII century, this building has a garden-park and adjacent rural buildings which were overhauled in the 1900's.

- Villa Manodori-Coccapani
XVIII expansion of an existing building, this structure has a broad prospect with a view, side towers, double central stairway, park with lake and courtyard with surrounding wall.

- Villa Berti
This XIX century complex comprises a manor house with three structural bodies, friezes and tower, a rural house, courtyard enclosed by porticoes and tower building.

- Villa Torreggiani
This XIX century construction has an adjacent park, 1900's oratory and rural buildings.

- La Mulinazza
This harmonious complex dates from the XIX century and includes a manor house, rural building with stable, hayloft and living quarters as well as other minor buildings.

- Cà Settacani
This town was already mentioned in documents from the XII century. It presents a complex of manor buildings and rural buildings, the oldest of which date to the 1700's.

- Villa Frigieri
This building complex dates to the early XIX century and is made up of a manor building with tower and agricultural buildings.

- Ferrari Brickworks
This facility was already operative in the 1700's to bake clay bricks.

- Cavidole Mill
This important mill dating from before the 1500's was owned by the Rangoni family. It is located along the San Pietro canal and remained operative until the 1960's.

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