History and culture routes


Modena - MO

From Corso Duomo turn left into Via S.Eufemia and cross the island between Via Badia and Via Bonacorsa, with its typical medieval layout and building style.
Continue along Via Sant'Eufemia, which then becomes Vicolo Marescotta and leads into Via Sant'Agostino.

Then turn right and a few metres further on Piazza Sant'Agostino opens up on the left, with its church of the same name (founded in 1338 but transformed in 1664) and with Palazzo dei Musei.

Inside the museum building there is the Estense Gallery, the Civic Museums and and the Municipal Historical Archives, which are relevant to our itinerary, as well as valuable cultural institutes such as the Estense Library.


The Archaeological Museum displays interesting medieval and late medieval findings.

The Historical Archives of the Municipality of Modena contain the wide-ranging and virtually complete documentation of the political-administrative life of Modena: first as a "free municipality", then as a community of the Estense State, of which it became the capital in 1598, acquiring special importance.

On completion of our visit to the Archives we go out of the museum building into Viale Vittorio Veneto, where we turn left and follow the tree-lined avenue to its end.

Continuing for a few hundred metres we return to Viale delle Rimembranze, which was the starting point of our route.