History and culture routes


Modena - MO

Passing next to the gateway known as Porta della Pescheria takes you to Piazza Grande. The square is home to the Palazzo Comunale, whose oldest part dates back to the 11th century. Its current appearance is the product of several architectural modifications over the centuries that followed.
Soaring next to the Duomo (Cathedral)is the slender Ghirlandina Tower, the bell tower that is the symbol of the city.
Piazza Grande, with its lovely cobbled paving, has always been the heart of the city, a fact corroborated by the presence of the Preda Ringadora, a block of red marble located near the portico of City Hall and used in the past as a platform from which to harangue the crowd.
At the junction of Piazza Grande and Via Castellaro, high up on the corner of City Hall there is the "Bonissima", a statue of a woman that remains as popular as it is mysterious, and which is still the subject of different interpretations.
From Via Castellaro we go across the heart of the civic centre, which leads us into Via San Pietro.
In front of Church of S. Pietro there stands the ancient Cross of Saint Peter, dating, according to the latest studies, from about the 14th century.
Leaving the cross on the left and continuing along Via San Pietro we come across Viale Martiri della Libertà, a fine avenue that runs alongside the civic park. Here (right behind the apses of the church of San Pietro) you can catch sight of the only surviving remains of the 14th century walls.
We then turn into the avenue staying on the right hand side and thus go along part of what was once the perimeter wall of the city.