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First established as the rural court of the Counts Cesi of Modena around the 12th century, the town was later occupied by the Visconti who christened it "Bastia" in 1354. Today, its name Bastiglia - derives from this word for a fairly commonplace building of the times meaning "fortress". After several vicissitudes, the town passed into the hands of the Estensi in 1384. It then saw a period florid economic development with the construction of the Sostegno: an octagonal basin with sluice gates used to keep water levels constant in the Naviglio and the Mulino. With its sixteen mills the Mulino became the largest mill in the region. Traces of the "conca fluviale" can still be seen in the centre of the town in Piazza della Repubblica today. The Museo della Civiltà contadina (Museum of Farming) is also located here and contains an important collection, illustrating life and work out on the fields.

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Ab. 4.147 ( last update 2014)

IAT - Tourist Information and Assistance Office Piazza Grande, 14 c/o historical entrance Town Hall Telephone: 059/2032660 - Fax: 059/2032659
Web site:
Opening times : From Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 6.00pm; on Sunday and Holidays from 9.30am to 6.00pm
Closed 25 December and Easter Sunday

How to get there
By car: from Modena take the ring direction Mirandola, then go on the main street 12 Canaletto
Bus :Extra-urban lines Seta from Modena bus station, line Modena-Mirandola

- Toll stations within 10 km
Toll station Modena Nord Km 16, toll station Modena Sud Km 21;
Main Roads: S.S. n.12 dell'Abetone-Brennero called Canalletto;
- Airport: Bologna a 43 Km

- emergency medical service of Modena - tel. 059/375050
From Mondays to Saturdays 20.00-8.00, and from Saturadys 10.00 to 08.00 of Mondays, including midweek holydays.

- Blue cross Croce Blu - Piazza Repubblica, 49 - tel. 059/904905 e 059/904464
- M
unicipal Police Polizia Intercomunale Unione del Sorbara (including the towns of Bastiglia, Bomporto, Ravarino): Piazza della Repubblica, 49 - Bastiglia - tel. 059/800773
- Carabinieri (the Police station is in Bomporto, via Ravarino-Carpi 56) - tel. 059/909187 .
- Emergency 112

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