San Cesario sul Panaro

San Cesario sul Panaro

Municipio - Piazza Roma, 2 - SAN CESARIO - MO - 41018

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CentroSanCesario.jpg The remains of Neolithic huts and necropolis provide proof of human habituation in the area dating back to five or six million years BC. In 1112 Matilde di Canossa ensured that the lands of Vilzacara were taken off the monarchs of Nonantola and given to the local church to manage. This church was dedicated to the Martyr Caesarius, which is why Vilzacara as a name slowly disappeared after the year 1000, to be replaced by S. Cesario.
In 1190, S. Cesario became a "castle", that is a fortified borough.
In 1446, the Duke Leonello d'Este elevated S. Cesario to the status of County, giving Albertino II and his descendants jurisdiction over it. S. Cesario became a Municipality under the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.
Only a few traces remain of the original village (rock, castle, borough), including the "Torre dell'Orologio". The town's Basilica is particularly noteworthy in artistic terms . Inside, visitors can admire a striking terracotta complex made by the famous Modenese artist Antonio Begarelli.
Special mention must also be made of the 17th century Villa Boschetti, with its attractively frescoed rooms, grandiose main staircase and beautiful terracotta baluster. In addition to being the headquarters of the Municipal Library, the Villa is also used host performances and initiatives.

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How to get there
By car: from Modena Sud follow directions to Bologna for normal road the SS Via Emilia, quinidi Castelfranco Emilia take the SP 14 of Castelfranco Emilia.
Bus Extra-urban lines ATCMfrom Modena bus station, line Modena-Castelfranco-Vignola