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Palazzo Santa Margherita, Via Carlo Goldoni 10 - Modena - MO - 41121

Phone: +39 059/203.2925

URL: http://www.vecchitonelli.it/


Tuesday and Friday 10.00 am - 12.00 am; Monday and Wednesday 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm. We invite you to consult the website for the opening hours, which may change at certain times of the year.

In 1863, not long after the exile of Duke Francis V of Habsburg-Este (1859), the Municipal Council approved the opening of a municipal school of music, which was later (in 1914) dedicated to Orazio Vecchi, a court composer and musician from the seventeenth century. From 1924 onwards, the school became known as 'Liceo Musicale Orazio Vecchi' and in 1976, following the equalisation to the Conservatoires, it became the equivalent of a Musical Institute, adapting programs, organisation and structure in conformity with the State Music Conservatoires.

Meanwhile, in Carpi, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, a free school for violin and instrumentalists was founded for the orchestra, which in 1824 was called the 'Municipal Music School', teaching violin, viola, cello, double bass, bassoon, trumpet and cornett. From 1924 courses for strings, flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, brass, percussion, and choral singing were added. From 1981 the School obtained the equalisation by the Ministry of Public Education and added to its program piano and complementary subjects. The school was subsequently named after Antonio Tonelli, a 17th-century composer and cellist.

In 2006 the schools in Modena and Carpi merged, giving way to a single Higher Institute of Music Studies called "Vecchi-Tonelli", recognised by the Directorate General for Higher Artistic Music and Dance Training by the Ministry of University and Research. Since 2009 it has become a High Culture Institution, issuing Academic Diplomas for instrumentalists, singers and composers. Vecchi-Tonelli deals with musical training for different age groups and competencies, promoting musical culture in the region through cultural and concertistic events.