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Nuovo Theatre

Piazza Costituente, 7 - Mirandola - MO - 41037

URL: http://www.comune.mirandola.mo.it/

Inaugurated in 1905, Teatro Nuovo brought back the ancient musical tradition of the city. In fact, Mirandola had had an old theatre which was long in disuse. This theatre, the Greco, took its name from Count Greco who, "to overcome the lack of a 'modern' theatre in the town of Mirandola" had requested, and received by Duke Ercole III, permission to transform two halls of the castle, then housing the militia, into a building suitable for theatrical performances. The Greco Theatre, which was inaugurated in 1791 and has preserved its original design, can be considered as one of the last theatrical constructions in the Estensi duchy during the 1700's. It has three rows of boxes with a horseshoe-shaped auditorium with decorated hall and rich scenery following the typical theatrical tradition of the late 1700's. Although only fragments of the musical legend of the old theatre have come down to us, we know that the last quarter of the XIX century saw "that prelude of decadence shared at that time by many historic theatres in the region and which came to an end when in 1905 Teatro Nuovo would be built on the design by Lorenzo Colliva." In 1904 the decision was made to erect a new, more modern theatre managed by the community . The Town of Mirandola, which provided the area for the structure in the main city square, was only one of the new co-owners. Lorenzo Colliva took up the design of the façade which just a few decades previously had been conceived by the architect Vincenzo Maestri for the Storchi Theatre of Modena. It has two jutting sections separated by a central body with portico on the ground floor and balcony on the first floor. The view of this building from the outside lets one imagine the internal spaces for the public and the size of the area housing the inset auditorium crowned with a tympanum. The ceiling of the auditorium is frescoed with five figures of women dancing to the sound of bells. The boxes are decorated with emblems dedicated to the most renown composers and interspersed with flowers and portraits of female faces.

By car: Highway 12 Abetone-Brenner,
Motorway A22 Modena-Brenner, exit Reggiolo-Rolo
By train: Bologna-Verona, Mirandola station.
By bus: the bus station take bus-town of Modena, Mirandola direction.