Leisure time

Social Theatre waiting for restructuring after the earthquake of 2012.

via Trento Trieste, 15 - Finale Emilia - MO - 41034

Phone: 0535/788179

The construction of the theatre began in 1907 and completed in 1910. The theatre is located almost opposite the old XVIII theatre. The façade is divided into three areas, the two on the sides being lower and jutting, surmounted by curved Art Nouveau tympanum, (following the model of the Modena designer Storchi). The building decorations are also in the Art Nouveau style. The solution of a mixed-style project provides a compromise between Italian, and particularly Emilian, tradition of theatre with box seating and the innovation of the French-style mezzanine with a continuous balcony. In effect, slightly raised over the orchestra is the balcony where the main section has row seating and the parts converging toward the stage are divided into boxes with low dividing walls. Above this, is a row of boxes and other proscenium boxes. Finally, there is a second balcony, the centre of which contains seven rows of seats. Floral motifs frame the balustrades and the ceiling of the boxes are decorated with garlands of roses. A large polychrome trompe-l'oeil balustrade runs along the entire outer edge of the ceiling and the skylight also has a painted frame.