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Spazio Garrarufa Modena

Calle Di Luca 26 - Modena - MO - 41121

Phone: 0039/(0)59-4823969



from Tuesday to Saturday: from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
In the heart of Modena, in Calle di Luca 26 came the ''Fish Doctor'' through the stimulation of several energy centers donating a substantial hydration, thanks to the enzyme that issue on dithranol, give a feeling of lightness and enchanting beauty, increasing and stimulating blood circulation and removing the dead skin, thus promoting the regeneration of new skin. The Fish Therapy is a unique natural method of exfoliation of the feet and hands that returns from stress relaxation and wellbeing. Highly recommended against psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Immerse yourself in relaxation with us, no need to bring anything: slippers and disposable wipes, Free WiFi, Tablet, Headphones, Magazines and teas, everything is included! Families, couples, groups and individuals are welcome! Our system has been designed in collaboration with institutes and centers zooprofilassi Ichthyotherapy of some of the most famous Italian universities, and with leading companies in the production of plants and fish tanks. The plant is characterized by the car tanks made with double glass plate, triple thickness, high density and high temperature glue. The filtering and the constant parts of the water allow us to obtain optimal conditions for both fish and for the customers. In addition, we carry out the sanitation and the continuous monitoring of samples of Garra rufa through our institutions zoo prophylaxis. We respect in severely the implementation of health protocol. Our customers also use only disposable towels and disposable slippers, so as to have guaranteed maximum cleanliness. Our system allows us to break down to 97% of the possible sources of infection. In addition to the sessions for Fish Pedicure, we have produced and patented also a hot body. We can say, in conclusion, that our plant stands, absolutely, above all other installations Fish Therapy products in Italy for cleaning, power and reliability: your treatment with us are not only enjoyable but also safe. Discover the benefits of Fish Therapy. At our center Garrarufa you can choose the formula you prefer every day from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00 and Sunday by appointment. Space Garrarufa Modena is the largest center of Fish Therapy in Italy with 6 tanks feet / hands and two special tanks Total Body, the only ones in Italy!

Last update: 15/05/2020