Acetaia Al Parol

Acetaia Al Parol

Via Maestra 825 - Ravarino - MO - 41017

Phone: +39(0)59/900236 or +39-328/6030039



It's possible to have guided tours with tasting of local products and traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. Price upon request, at time of booking.

 Acetaia “Al Parol”’s first barrels had been filled up with cooked must in 1977. From that moment on, Valerio learned how to be a vinegar master whose art is made of patience, empathy and love for the land that carries on vinegar’s slow ageing. In 2001 Valerio became Master Taster at the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar consortium in Spilamberto. In 2014 Al Parol’s vinegar had been rated among the best 6 products in Spilamberto’s Palio, which is the most prestigious competition around Modena.

Today acetaia “Al Parol” is set in an attic, under the roof of a storage, as tradition requires. It is composed roughly by 200 barrels. In this place, mulberry, chestnut, cherry, oak and juniper woods gives the vinegar smells and flavours, together with time that goes by and the art of the producer. The production of the extra-old vinegar, the so-called “black gold” of the acetaia, is very restricted: it never exceeds 6lt (202,88 us fl oz) per year.