Acetaia Bompana

Acetaia Bompana

Strada Vignolese 1704 - San Donnino - Modena - MO

Phone: + 39 333/2906035



Open Monday to Saturday. Sundays by appointment. Daily free tastings. Shop hours 8:30 am - 12:30 pm; 2.30 pm - 6.30 pm. Point of Sale +39 059 469146

The Family Vecchi produces Balsamico since some generations .
The grandparents and great-grandparents were farmers and they owned only few groups of barrels (batteria)for private use.
Vecchi Secondo (born 1930) always fond of Balsamico, decides , around the Fifties, together with his father Egidio and their wives , to change life and job . They move from the country to a little village opening a little food-shop , than a “Trattoria” with food-selling , than in 1961 a “Restaurant” , which in the years progressively will be very much appreciated and renowned .
In the meanwhile the Balsamico continues its maturing and Secondo Vecchi keeps adding barrels and casks . He increases the production , yet believing in something that the plurality simply do not know .When the quantity can afford the use of it , not just inside the family , Maria Livia starts to create dishes using Balsamico and this finally appears on the tables of the restaurant . Already around 1970 they are pioneers in promoting this jewel of our tradition .
From the family restaurant they build the bases for a little retailing of Aceto Balsamico Bompana . The name Bompana is derived from the land where vineyard , house and the family Acetaia , raise .
Until 2001 the family runs both the Restaurant (Baia del Re) and the agrifirm Bompana . Then in 2002 the family simply chooses to maintain only the Acetaia and enlarges the varieties of product (Food condiments Balsamita , Saba , Honey etc ….)